Japanese Metalcore Compilation 2014-2015 ストリーミング&フリーダウンロード開始!

Romantic Nobita Records presents "Japanese Metalcore Compilation 2014-2015"

Isolutions - Demise & Decline 
In Bed With Madonna - Five Years
Our Dimensions - Abstract
Beside A Burning Ocean - Reformation
Glad You're Gone - Mirage
Cløud 9- Soldier in Your Soul
The Webs We Weave - Truth or Dare
Heartworks - Stand By Me
Region - Alcatraz
Justice For Reason - 労働、終わり無き旅路へ
Night The Skyline - Rain For The Cry
Myth Of Tale - New World
Reach Before Faded - Inception
My Last Words - Voices
Ashay - Feel So Lost Without You (ft.Inoue Shogo)
Stillnight Ends Ocean - Ark
FEARLESS ACE - We Keep Step & Try Again
Journey To The Stars
Body For Sex - JKprpr

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